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Introduction for Production Capacity


The company covers an area of more than 250,000 square meters, including a factory area of 87,000 square meters, and main production equipment covers 3 sets of No. 5 chain making units, 3 sets of No. 7 chain making units, 2 sets of No.8 chain making units, 3 sets of No.9 chain making units, 2 sets of No. 11 chain making units,1 set of No.16 chain making unit, 6 sets of vertical heat treatment furnaces and various metal cutting machine etc., totaling 600 sets equipments, and advanced physical and chemical test measures and 2000KN, 5000KN, 12000KN, 24000KN chain tensile test equipments.

With advanced production process, technology and equipment of mooring chain and marine chain, the company can produce grade 2 and 3 stud & studless marine electric welded chains diameter from φ16mm to φ187mm and R3, R3S, R4, mooring chains and accessories matching with the above products in the chain diameter from φ25mm to φ187mm, in accordance with the standards of ISO1704, GB549, GB/T20848 and the rules of famous classification societies in the world, with an annual production of about 80,000 tons.

Our products have passed the approvals of ten main classification societies of CCS, LR, GL, ABS, NK, DNV, BV, RS, RINA and KR, wherein mooring chain has passed the approvals of ABS, LR, DNV, BV, and CCS.

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